Fighting Hunger. Feeding Hope.

Nearly 16 million children face hunger in the U.S. today.  In Colorado,  one in 7 people don’t know where their next meal will come from.  Of those, 1 in 5 are children.  Faced with this statistic, people have to make impossible choices.  Adigo chose to join the fight against hunger by volunteering at Food Bank of the Rockies.  Food Bank of the Rockies distributes 39,497,198 meals to people struggling with hunger each year.  We joined other volunteers in their Denver warehouse helping out in the reclamation/distribution area.

Kim Carlson, a member of Adigo’s team, said “Volunteering at the food bank was a fulfilling and enjoyable experience, and a great break from the routine of work.  It was very interesting learning the process and impact on the community, in addition to connecting us to the community.”

How can you help?  You can help by visiting  You can also help by volunteering, donating, or simply spreading the word and raising awareness of the work the Food Bank of the Rockies does in fighting hunger in Colorado.


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