Conduct More Productive Conference Calls with On-The-Fly Recording

Just as with other types of meetings, having permanent records of certain conference calls can come in very handy.  While you could go to the trouble and expense of having someone log in as a participant and prepare a transcription of the call in real time, the possibility for error is certainly present.  A better solution is to record the conference for review and replay later. For this reason, we are happy to provide our hosts with the ability to record their conferences on the fly.

Why Record Conferences?

Audio conferences can be used for just about everything from entry level training of new employees to high profile Investor Relations or quarterly Earnings Meetings.  Recording conference calls using our On The Fly Recording feature makes it possible for everyone to refer back to the line items mentioned in the meetings and make sure they understand the information that was presented.  That in turn makes it easier to utilize the data in the best possible manner.

Another reason to consider recording conference calls is so that attendees who miss the live meeting can review the discussion at a later date.  For example, if you have a field manager who is ill on the day of the conference, he or she can listen to the meeting after returning to work.

Is Recording a Conference Difficult?

The great thing about our on the fly recording feature is that activating a recording involves nothing more than the host making two quick strokes on his or her touch-tone keypad.  After entering the conference, the host presses *2 to begin recording the session.  After that, there is no need to make any additional adjustments.  The recording will continue until the conference is completed, or recording is turned off (press *2 again to turn off).  A reservation or other setup is not required.  Accounts can also be provisioned to record every call automatically.

Adigo Phone Commands Quick-Reference Chart

Use this handy chart for activating Adigo’s conferencing features. Download the Adigo Phone Commands Quick-Reference Chart (PDF).

adigo phone commands chart

Do I Have to Activate the Recording at the Beginning of the Conference?

Hosts can begin recording conference calls at any time during the live meetings.  This means that if you need to take care of some minor points of business with your attendees before moving on to the main issue, you can do so without including that time in the recording.  When and as you are ready, the on the fly recording feature is available for your use.

One way to keep the recording brief is to review the call’s action items and any assignments made just before the conference ends.  Activate the On the Fly recording just before going over those items as part of the review.  Your attendees can review at will and make sure they are staying on track with their assigned items

When Can I Receive a Copy of the Recorded Meeting?

Thanks to the structure of our network, your on the fly recording is ready immediately after the conference call comes to an end.  The host has the option of downloading the recording as a wav/MP3 file or accessing the recording using a dial in number set aside for that purpose.  If you choose to download the file, it can be shared with the attendees by emailing the file to them individually.  There is also the option of loading the file on a protected page on your company website.

Getting Into the Swing of Using On The Fly Recording

Our customer service team can provide first time users with all sorts of ideas for productive conference calls, including conference call recording tips that will ensure the best quality recording.

To discover more about this and other standard audio conferencing features that come with your account, visit our audio conferencing services page or call us at (888) 552-3446.  We can recommend the best way to achieve the desired result.  Once you record and listen to a couple of conferences, chances are you will want to use the feature for all sorts of meetings

Let us know some of the ways you have used or plan to use On the Fly recording in the future. Feel free to share your comments below.


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