Can Conference Call Humor Get Funnier Than This?

ately, we’ve been sharing some fairly detailed (read: mind numbing) topics about the economics of conferencing. Posts like:

We even included charts and spreadsheets with analysis, and all that jazz. And if that wasn’t enough, you may have noticed we also started up our very own product blog where we post helpful articles like how to conduct more productive conference calls with on-the-fly recording.

Whew! We’ve covered a lot of ground over the past several weeks – serious stuff.

So, we thought we’d give you a break and tee up a couple of items relating to our love of conferencing that are, well, on the lighter side of things.


First, there’s this from Dilbert…

Dilbert’s travails reminds us: life imitates art (or is it the other way around?). We don’t find these issues funny when they happen to us, though we often do have a chuckle remembering them later. Here are a few situations customers have shared prior to coming on service with Adigo:

  • Difficulty dialing into a conference call followed by poor call quality and no customer service agent to help because it was “after hours.”
  • An assistant was fired for forgetting to schedule their operator assisted call with executives.
  • Staff using some rather colorful language while forgetting to mute themselves during a big HR conference call with management.

But that’s nothing compared to what you’re about to watch!

Here’s a “Funny Conference Call” YouTube video and that had us rolling in the aisle! Pretty sure you can identify with some of these scenarios (we sure did!).

What’s been something funny that’s happened to you while conferencing?


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