International Calls Just as Easy as Domestic – With Powerful Features

Including international locations in conference calls today is easier than ever.  Thanks to advances in telephony in many parts of the world,  the ability to host international calls and have attendees dial in from all over the world requires much less time and effort. In fact, the platform we offer to our clients increases call efficiency  by letting you get right to work.

The Ease of Planning International Calls

Thanks to the design of our platform, we provide literally hundreds of dial-in numbers for use from approximately one hundred different countries.  Provisioning a host account for those numbers is not difficult.  With a little advance notice, your account can be configured so that attendees from any of those international locations can dial directly into the conference.  And we provision on a user basis, so only those accounts you specify will have international access, and only from the countries you designate.

Depending on the location involved, we provide both toll and toll-free access numbers, both of which are free to the caller.  With multiple access numbers, the dialing plan is simplified, ensuring that your attendees experience no delays in connecting with the meeting on time.  And we even allow the host to dial out internationally themselves, whereas most providers require you to involve an operator.

Network Redundancy Ensures the Calls Get Through

With a network that utilizes the facilities of multiple carriers, connectivity ceases to be an issue.  Regardless of the date and time for your conference, those international calls will be processed quickly and without delays.  This holds true for both connections initiated by the conference host and dial in connections that are initiated by the attendees.

Managing Background Noise

Our Active Talker Indicator technology allows the host to monitor all lines connected with the conference and identify the origin of background noise.  From there, the host features can be used to mute the line or even disconnect and redial the party on a new line.  This can be done without causing any kind of delay in the meeting.

Throughout the conference, the advanced sound quality features ensure that it is easy to hear and be heard in the meeting.  Our advanced bridging equipment  helps to eliminate factors that could produce popping, clicking or echoing during the meeting.  This translates into excellent sound quality while the meeting is in progress.

Chat for Operator Assistance

With traditional audio conference services, using a touch-tone prompt is the typical way to contact an operator for assistance.  The operator responds by entering the conference and addressing the host. While this works, it can be disruptive to the meeting.  Our audio service includes an online interface that allows the host to communicate privately with an operator.  As a result, the meeting can continue without interruption and the host is still able to receive the assistance required.

Quicker Call Access

The streamlined dial-in approach for international calls helps to expedite the gathering of the attendees.  Shorter Conference IDs that never have to change means less dialing time required to enter the meeting.  Since the IDs are personalized, your callers know your ID and do not waste time finding the invite.

The Choice is Yours

Keep your conferences simple and easy to manage.  Try our audio platform for your international calls and experience the difference. Once you do, you’ll never want to use anything else.

The requirements for international calls are very different compared to domestic conference calls. Many providers do an adequate job with domestic calls. Multi-national organizations will benefit greatly from identifying a conference provider that truly specializes in quality international conference calls, such as Adigo.


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