6 Ways Video Improves Communication in Conference Calls

Conference calls are convenient, but there are also a few times when it can be ineffective. There might be misunderstandings, interference, or more. It’s time that you integrate videos onto your conference calls. A video can improve a lot of aspects of a conference call, but most importantly, it improves your communication. Good communication is important in a team, especially when running a business or an organization. This means you need to take advantage of video conferencing.

Here’s how video improves communication in any conference calls:

1. It shows nonverbal communication

Communication is usually only 7% verbal and actually 93% nonverbal. Specifically, according to Professor Albert Mehrabian, the nonverbal part of communication is made up of 55% body language, and 38% voice and tone. Apart from that, we also use facial expressions, gestures, eye contact, posture, and more.

With videos in conference calls, you have the power to personally see these nonverbal messages and make the conversation much more engaging. You’ll be able to see expressions and body language to get a glimpse of people’s emotions and you’ll be able to see and use gestures that aid the speakers when trying to communicate.

2. It improves memory

Your mind and memory also perform better when you’re utilizing video in your conference calls. According to a study by researchers Michael Cohen, Todd Horowitz, and Jeremy Wolfe, “…auditory recognition memory performance is markedly inferior to visual recognition memory.” This means that your ability to recall and store visual stimuli is better than with audio-only information. With this, you and your team will be able to absorb information better and use it

3. It helps build and nurture relationships

Videos make you feel more connected and direct. This is why videos can help build and nurture relationships in any conference calls. Whether you’re having a simple weekly meeting with your team, a special meeting with a potential client, or a meeting with partners and sponsors, you can use videos to your advantage and forge a relationship with different people. When you see each other through videos, you’ll be able to communicate directly and connect to them in a deeper way.

4. It helps teams collaborate

More likely than not, you and your team will get together to collaborate in these conference calls. It could be for decision-making, brainstorming sessions, weekly debrief meetings and more. Videos will help you collaborate better and function as a team.

Videos in conference calls are also quite an advantage when it comes to remote teams or companies with several remote workers, companies with international clients or partners, or even organizations with chapters all over the country or around the world. You’ll be able to collaborate seamlessly, allowing workflow with little to no conflict.

5. It improves onboarding experience

Onboarding is a significant part of human resources and business workflow, and it can be improved by integrating videos on your conference calls. The onboarding process for employers is easier while the onboarding experience for the new employees is much better. Videos allow these online onboarding projects to be clearer and more concise, and overall much more effective. Managers and administrative officers will be able to teach and familiarize new employees with no trouble, and these new employees will have the chance to absorb all new information better.

6. It provides accurate records

Videos also make it better for you to have accurate records and documents for your corporate meetings and conferences. If your video conferencing service allows recording, make use of that. Recordings of your conference calls can serve as official documentation and allow team members to resolve conflict in case there’s any miscommunication or misunderstanding. Every decision is recorded on screen, suggestions, or opinions are listed down, and every concern is recorded. This will be beneficial in the long run and can improve the way you record and store information.

A video is much more powerful these days and if you start utilizing them in your conference call, you can improve communication and collaboration in your business.


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