4 VIP Conferencing Features Fit for Busy Execs

Busy executives are interested in producing the greatest amount of results in the least amount of time.  That’s why we offer special VIP conference accounts for executives.  These accounts are structured to ensure that you and your team are not slowed down by long entry codes or have to deal with a tedious welcome message.  In fact, you’ll find that 4 of the key VIP conferencing features built into this program will make it much easier to access the conference, conduct business, and then move on to other pressing matters of the day.

Customized Greeting

Why endure a canned greeting that contains information that you and your attendees don’t want to hear again and again?  Our VIP conferencing features include customized greetings that are relevant and allow you to enter the conference quickly.  Marketing companies can even tailor the greeting for specific projects, using your own in house talent. Call (888) 650-2670 to listen to a custom greeting example.

Private 800 Number Access

Traditional services call for a generic shared toll-free number, entering a Conference ID when prompted and then (for hosts) entering a second PIN.   That process can seem to take a long time, especially if you are in a hurry.  Our VIP conferencing features allow you and your attendees to dial a private 800 number set aside exclusively for your use.  There are no codes to enter. Instead, you will hear the customized greeting and then move directly into the meeting.

Meeting Starts When the Host Enters

Our VIP conferencing features ensure that the meeting begins when you choose.  In fact, the conference cannot get underway until the host arrives.  This eliminates the potential for side bar conversations that could delay the process of starting the meeting.

The Host Has Complete Control of the Meeting

The VIP conferencing features allow the host to take full control of the conference and manage who is in attendance.  For example, the security options include the ability to lock the conference, preventing any further entries into the meeting.  Using the telephone keypad touch-tone commands or the online interface, the host can change many features on-the-fly, and even determine which caller is speaking at any given time. Automated fulfillment of caller detail also makes it simple to manage who is and is not included in the conference.

Save Time, Save Money

Fast and convenient, callers only need to know the 800#.  No more searching for invites since the 800# can be in their contact list on speed dial. Eliminating conference ID entry makes for the fastest possible start for the call. This saves 2-4 minutes per call. Assuming an executive call happens once a week with four people, that adds up to almost a man-hour of executive time every month. What is your executive’s time worth?

Get Started Today

These and other features can be activated for use with your VIP Executive account.  Talk with us about the features we offer and how they can enhance the structure of your meetings.  In less time than you thought possible, your account will be customized to fit your needs perfectly. Learn more about the Adigo difference by downloading our free eBook: The Hidden Cost of Generic Conferencing.  


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