Recorded Webinar: How to Focus – Concentration in the Digital Age

You are completing a thought – a good one this time. Suddenly an email pops into your inbox. The phone begins to vibrate. Your fitness band is buzzing. And, sadly, that good thought is gone.  Designed to help humans be more productive, technology can instead make us feel scatterbrained and fragmented – as if we are at once everywhere and nowhere. Although the multi-tasking habit can be a tough one to break, the rewards – clearer thinking, more innovative thoughts, and higher quality work are worth the effort. By implementing a few key strategies, we can re-define our role in the digital world – and improve nearly every aspect of our information-rich lives.

We discussed all of this in my webinar, How To Focus – Concentration in the Digital Age.

Key strategies to consider:

  • The dangers of multi-tasking – and what it’s doing to your brain
  • Strategies for how to choose what you pay attention to – and what to ignore
  • A game plan to help you focus

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