The Do’s and Don’ts to Effective Management

Behind every successful organization is a group of motivated employees. Who encourages and builds this motivation? That is the work of a successful manager. Below is a quick guide on the Do’s and Don’ts of effective management, based on the techniques of successful managers everywhere.

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DO: Stay consistent with your ideas.

DON’T: Abandon a project without clear reason.

DO: Place value on your employee’s time (as much value as you place on your own time).

DON’T: Avoid conflict in your team or organization.

DO: Earn the trust and respect of your employees.

DON’T: Play favorites with your employees.

DO: Look at the big picture.

DON’T: Start too many projects or initiatives at once.

DO: Speak up and voice your opinions to YOUR manager.

DON’T: Abuse your positional power.

DO: Practice teambuilding.

DON’T: Kill the messenger.

DO: Take a diplomatic approach.

DON’T: Make impulsive or emotional decisions.

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