What Wily Consultants Can Teach Us About Audio Conferencing

Wily – adjective (wahy-lee). Full of, marked by, or proceeding from wiles; crafty, cunning. artful, cagey, sharp, streetwise, knowing. (Dictionary.com.)

Consultant – noun (kuh n-suhl-tnt). A person who gives professional or expert advice. (Dictionary.com.)

If we could peel back the curtain (or be a mouse in their audio conference corner), what would astute consultants who are at the top of their game reveal about how they use conferencing?

Based on our experience working with them to personalize their audio conferencing, they’d give shrewd and expert advice on 3 imperatives for professional conferencing:

  • Present a professional image in all you do
  • Always operate in a time-saving manner
  • Leverage smart technology to make/save more money

Let’s look at each of these from a wily consultant’s perspective and see what we can learn to improve our own professional conferencing. After all, we are all experts in our own right. (Note: Download a copy of our free eBook to get a fuller picture of all 15 benefits of professional conferencing for consultants – and steal their expertise for your own benefit!)

Being Professional

1. Personalized VIP Accounts.

Crafty consultants project a professional image from the start by using individually branded toll-free numbers. When a client enters into conference the first thing they hear is something like, “Welcome to Joe Smith’s conference.” Personalizing the announcement professionalizes the experience – and makes you stand out from the “other guys.”

2. Ability to Directly Dial Out to Participants.

Cagey consultants know that we live in a hectic, always on and moving business world. Things happen, people are all over the place and it’s not always convenient to make an advanced reservation or go through an operator to have a conference call. A professional knows how to dial any participant anywhere in the world at any time. Does your conferencing service do that for you?

3. Custom Hold Music for Setting a Professional Tone.

Artful consultants don’t annoy people with blaring or inappropriate music on hold. They treat others how they want to be treated when waiting for a conference host to get things rolling. They customize the hold music to something they believe will enhance the clients’ experience.

Saving Time

4. No ID Needed.

Fast and easy is the way of smooth consultants. They want to be able to drop quickly into conference after dialing the toll-free number. No conference ID needed. Keeping it simple saves everyone time. (And, it makes you look smooth to your clients.) Note – security codes can be added if desired.

5. Short IDs.

When IDs are desired, how about a fixed ID that is only 4 digits?! This makes it quick and painless for everyone to get into conference. No cumbersome long ID, or ever-changing PIN code to remember or search your inbox/calendar for. Foxy consultants like using short codes for conference entry – you will too.

Using Money-Smart Technology

6. Everything matters.

Shrewd consultants understand that everything counts and details will either make them money or lose them money. Whether it’s the ability to enable quick entry into conference, professional brand-building features, or technology solutions to track billing and reduce costs, it all works together – it’s all about making better connections, and making a profit in the process.

To learn more about professional, time-saving and economically-appealing conferencing – the wiley consultants way – download our free copy of the 15 Benefits of Adigo Conferencing for Consulting Firms.


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