The Collaborator’s Manifesto (Free eBook)

Do you work in an environment where success depends on collective efforts and group performance?

Ever wonder if your participants find your meetings and collaborations lacking? Do they seem pointless, boring, tedious and out of sync?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, then The Collaborator’s Manifesto is for you!

This manifesto is unlike any other ebook we’ve created. It will help you put an end to monotonous, uninspired meetings that waste time and drain energy. It will help you motivate your team members to strive to reach higher standards. It will help you unlock the productive potential of your staff.

In short, it will give you tangible, actionable steps to improve collective performance and reap all the benefits that come with it:

  • Improved collegiality
  • Increased efficiency
  • Better results
  • Higher levels of success

Get ready. This is going to change everything.

The Collaborator’s Manifesto…and the Power of Honest Communications

Let’s face it: in most meetings, honesty is the last thing happening in the room. Many collaborators don’t realize it, but nothing will kill a meeting’s energy faster than a lack of honest communication among team members.

Without honesty, participants check out. And let’s face it: if the meeting isn’t going to get to the truth or build anything of value, why shouldn’t they?

Create Meetings that Are Alive!

Remember: meaningful collaboration isn’t something that just “happens.” You have to make it happen.

In a good meeting, people don’t just show up. They participate. They care. They add value. They don’t just go through the motions; they deliver returns.

In a good meeting, the room is alive.

So how do you create meetings with this much life?

The secret is to apply specific principles to your meetings:

  • Movement. Movement isn’t haphazard or circular. It is concentrated. It is purposeful. It strives towards a specific and essential goal — and that’s something every meeting should do.
  • Growth. In an ideal collaborative environment, team members grow together. They improve together. They bring out the best in each other.
  • Creation. The key to creation is to achieve something new every time. Every meeting needs an action plan with tangible goals that create real change. Creation can only be achieved through clarify of purpose — something every meeting should have.
  • Adaptation. Accept that things won’t always go as planned, both in meetings and during ongoing projects. The ability to adapt, to react to new developments, reload, and come back stronger, is what separates success from failure.
  • Response. Be responsive to your team members. Don’t force “dead plans” or empty agendas. Sometimes, you have to fight to create engagement.

It’s no coincidence that these very same principles are what define living, breathing, dynamic organisms. Applying these ideas to your meetings will foster communications, build connections and create the kind of dynamic environment that breeds success.In good meetings, people don’t talk in euphemisms or use hackneyed buzzwords. They have real conversations. They offer honest feedback and enjoy a dynamic exchange of ideas.

They have purpose.

They get results.

Yours can too.


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