What should I be concerned with regarding security in a conference call?

There are number of ways to ensure only authorized people are actually participating in a conference call. One is to have a live view, through a portal, of every line on the call. You should be able to identify not only the phone number people are calling from, but also there are number of ways to provide the name so that you can see, by name, who is on a call. You can have announcements turned on to where people are prompted to recorded their name. Then that’s played into the conference so everyone can verify each person as they join.

Here at Adigo, we provide a number of additional prompts and security measures in case there’s a high sensitivity around us. For example, we can have what we call a security prompt. This would be a special additional prompt that people would have to input in order to get into the call even if they know the conference ID. We’ve had a number of clients that have a high sensitivity to security because of high staff turnover.

One unique thing that we provide here at Adigo to resolve this is what we call participant pins. Most people are familiar with the conference ID; but by also having a participant pin, then if you had a staff change, you can simply deactivate that person’s pin and they are no longer able to join a call even if they know the correct conference ID. Here at Adigo, we can also implement, for you, a regular password or pin change on any frequency you would like.

We have some clients that, literally, on a quarterly basis change all pins to help ensure only authorized people are participating on their calls.


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