Video Conference Etiquette You Should Know

Video conference calls and in-person meetings seem so different and alike at the same time. But those who frequently conduct and participate in multiple video conferences know that there are also nuances in this unique setup. If your company is one of those who will be implementing remote working or social distancing measures in the office for the following months, you might want to learn proper decorum.  Here are a couple of video conference etiquette tips you should always follow:


Always be on time

One of the most important video conference etiquettes is to always be on time. Whether it be team meetings, announcements, brainstorming sessions, or a one-on-one conference call with a team member or a client, you need to be punctual. It’s common courtesy in in-person meetings, and it should also be upheld in video conferencing. 


Learn the power of the mute button

The mute button is a powerful tool, so don’t disregard it! Before you enter a conference call, make sure you’re already on mute. This is especially helpful if you’re entering the call late. When you’re on mute, the chances of interrupting the call and disrupting the conversation with feedback and background noises are nonexistent. 

Make sure to also mute yourself again when you’re done speaking up or talking to anybody in the call. This allows clearer audio for the next speaker so the conversation will continue to flow well. 


Make sure you’re dressed properly

If you’re participating in a video conference while working remotely, make sure you’re dressed for the part. Don’t wear overly casual clothes that will seem totally unprofessional or inappropriate once your call is live. Of course, blazers and ties are not requisite. However, it’s still important to dress appropriately to show professionalism and diplomacy towards the company and the team. 

Be courteous to other speakers

Courteousness is among the most important when it comes to video conference etiquette. Be courteous to other speakers when on a call, just like you would be when in an in-person meeting. Here are several simple ways you can show courteousness while participating in a video conference call:

  • Don’t interrupt the current speaker
  • Introduce yourself when you speak up (especially when you don’t have the best internet connection or live video feed)
  • Don’t talk over each other or have side conversations with other participants
  • Don’t shout over your phone or speakers
  • Maintain eye contact and pay attention to the current speaker
  • Refrain from making distracting noises (again, learn the power of the mute button!)


Learn to maximize the video conferencing technology

When conducting a video conference call, you need to be able to make the call as smooth and engaging as possible. You’re going to be handling remote workers in your virtual meetings, so you need to engage with them. Maximize the video conferencing technology you have available. When you use various features and solutions, you’ll be able to keep your conference call highly engaging. Participants will have no trouble keeping up and paying attention. 


Send an agenda beforehand

Agendas are essential in every meeting, but it seems like others regard this as unnecessary. When it comes to video conference calls, it’s a must to send an agenda beforehand. Since you and your team don’t see eye to eye, it’s going to be harder to tell them what the conference will be all about. An agenda is an efficient way of letting everyone know about the video conference. They’ll know who should be at the meeting, what to talk about, what to prepare, when this meeting will occur, and more.


Keep your video conference calls professional and effective in these trying times! Keep this conference call meeting etiquettes and share them with your team!


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