The 13 P’s of Professional Conferencing for Marketing Agencies

From time to time, we share information on this blog about the tools we’ve developed to meet the specific needs of our customers. This is one of those blogs.

Adigo is not a one-size-fits-all, generic conferencing provider. We’ve developed the tools, technologies, and techniques to work in a highly-optimized, productive, and cost-effective manner for busy professionals.

Recently, in fact, we have “re-tooled” our thinking on how we want to communicate the value of our service and the content we provide to help you, our customers, take your communications to the next level.

Our value proposition is as follows: Adigo’s superior tools provide business professionals faster, simpler, and easier ways to conduct conference calls worldwide.

And, when it comes to the value we provide through our content (blog, ebooks, webinars, etc.), it goes like this: Business professionals utilize the Adigo blog to learn unique, helpful, and inspiring tips, strategies, and advice for communicating globally with greater ease, clarity, and purpose.

The bottom line?  Adigo makes conference calls faster, simpler, and easier.

So, when it comes to meeting the unique needs of our customers, whether that client is a law firm, marketing agency, consulting practice, or otherwise, we won’t shrink away from sharing ways to improve conferencing.

In this article, we highlight 13 points – the 13 P’s – of Adigo’s professional conferencing service for marketing and PR agencies. In each, you’ll find a unique benefit enabling your conferencing to be more professional, efficient, and cost effective.

Below is a summary – download our free eBook to learn more.


Adigo knows that professionalism is communicated through the details of each interaction a client has with your company, which is why we make sure the details are dialed in.

Personalized VIP Accounts

Adigo’s individually branded toll-free numbers are the ideal way to remind clients of your professionalism.  “Welcome to Sally Smith’s conference line” is just what Sally’s clients need to hear!

Toll-Free Number Announcing the Firm Name

Your business is not about conferencing, so it’s unlikely you’re going to set up your own conferencing structure.  Nonetheless, you want to communicate your own brand on the calls, especially since branding is a big part of what marketing is all about.  Enter Adigo’s agency-branded toll-free numbers, where your agency comes first! For example, “Welcome to Dorsey and Whitney’s conference center, powered by Adigo.”

Ability to Directly Dial Out to Participants

It should be simple to make a phone call, and your clients will expect you to have that ability when it’s needed.  But many conference call platforms make it difficult to dial out without planning ahead or getting operator assistance.  With Adigo, you can dial out to any participant anywhere in the world without making an advanced reservation or going through an operator.

Customized Announcements and Prompts

You’re in control!  Each marketer can choose which call prompts and announcements to use and even customize them to their preferences.

Simplified International Conferencing

Adigo specializes in making international calls easy and reliable by using multiple carriers for each country and providing a customized web page with country-by-country call-in numbers.

Optimized Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is simplified yet effective with Adigo’s wide variety of solutions and exceptional bridging for high-definition systems.

Streamlined Web Conferencing with Document Sharing

Sometimes you need to communicate something in written or visual form, not just with words.  Web conferencing helps, and easy document sharing right from your browser (without the need for an extra download) helps even more.


Quick Drop into Conference

Want to skip all the entry hassles?  Adigo lets you drop right into conference after dialing the 800 number (no conference ID needed) for an especially fast and easy entry.

Fixed 4-Digit Conference IDs

Do you really need 10-digit conference IDs?  Adigo’s 4-digit IDs allow participants to slip easily into their conference without having to remember or enter long and cumbersome codes.

Single Code Entry

No additional PIN is required after entering your fixed 4-digit ID, making the entry process quick and painless.


Recording conferences can save you a lot of time, especially if you don’t have to pre-arrange the recording.  With Adigo, you can record entire calls automatically or begin anywhere during the call simply by pressing *2.


Mandatory Entry of Client Account Number (CAN)

To ensure accurate client time tracking or billing, you might want callers to enter their CAN. Adigo can help ensure you get this crucial data by not allowing the entry to be bypassed and by requiring a certain number of digits.

Lower Costs for Internal Calls

Convenience without the high costs – with Adigo, internal conference calls between marketers and internal account teams are billed at a reduced rate, saving you money.

Adigo is genuinely all about helping our clients reach new levels of conferencing excellence.  Is there any reason not to have faster, simpler, easier, and more professional conferences while saving time and money?


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