Recorded Webinar: IT Trends and Predictions for 2016

“The disruptive impact of digital transformation is about to be felt in every industry as enterprises ‘flip the switch’ and massively scale up their DX initiatives to secure a leadership role in the DX economy.” Frank Gens, Senior Vice President and Chief Analyst at International Data Corporation

On November 4th, the International Data Corporation released its worldwide IT industry predictions for 2016. During this period of digital transformation, it is imperative for businesses to transform and stay on trend with the ever-evolving IT industry standards. From the Cloud to big data, learn about these predictions and what they mean for your business.

We discussed all of this in my webinar, IT Trends and Predictions for 2016.

Download a copy of the slides.

We had a live discussion where we discussed the top IT Trends and Predictions of 2016. Key discussion points included:

  • The emergence of the DX economy
  • Importance of code
  • The rise of software developers and Chief Digital Officers
  • The role of the Cloud
  • Big data

Who should attend: consultants, business development, department managers, executives, call hosts, call participants, IT Managers and Directors, Telecom Managers and Analysts, Administrative staff, Office Managers, Event Planners.

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