Recorded Webinar: How to Use Robert’s Rules of Order to Make Conference Calls Hum

Have your conference calls ever bogged down in endless discussion? Or perhaps they’ve slipped out of control due to disorderly conduct from monopolizers and interrupters, whose poor etiquette comes across as counter-productive.

You want to foster open participation while maintaining control, without being bossy. And, most importantly, you want to keep things moving along to an acceptable outcome, and to reach the goals you’ve set for the meeting.

If this sounds like your situation, you just might benefit from more orderly conference calls by sprinkling in some good old Robert’s Rules of Order. It might just keep your meetings on-point and  humming along!

We discussed all of this in my webinar, How to Use Robert’s Rules of Order to Make Conference Calls Hum.




Download a copy of the slides.

Key guidelines to consider

  • The “Chair” or host of the meeting must maintain control to ensure the meeting is conducted in a  fair and orderly manner
  • Keep discussion focused on the subject (motion) at hand without going off-topic
  • Let everyone who wants to speak on an issue have a turn before allowing a participant to speak twice
  • Participants should direct their remarks to the host and keep things at a professional level
  • Always be courteous and avoid personality clashes or delving into ulterior motives

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