Recorded Webinar: 5 Tips to Keep Your Conference Calls and Webinars Highly Engaging

We work and live in an always-on, hyper-connected and super-busy world, where it’s said our attention span is about as long as a goldfish – 9 seconds! How do we keep people engaged in our conversations, meetings, webinars and conference calls?

In this webinar, we’ll share 5 tips for keeping your collaborations highly engaging. We’re sure these best practices will have people focused and engaged on the conversation at hand, instead of being distracted by email, text messaging, social media, or the latest #icebucketchallenge type video to go viral on YouTube!  As I wrote in a recent blog post, 5 Tips to Keep Your Conference Calls and Webinars Highly Engaging. 

Download a copy of the slides.

The webinar will discuss:

  • Proven techniques sure to generate better interactions
  • Slide building rules that will amaze their brains vs. cause their eyes to glaze over
  • What to do about seemingly insignificant details that can have a big impact on engagement

Who should attend: consultants, business development, department managers, executives, call hosts, call participants, IT Managers and Directors, Telecom Managers and Analysts, Administrative staff, Office Managers, Event Planners.

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