Moore’s Law Vs the Reality of Quality Conference Calls Clip 1 INTRODUCTIONS

In this webinar you’ll learn what’s behind some of the quality issues you experience on conference calls. We’ll discuss Moore’s Law and why it doesn’t seem to apply to audio conference quality. What causes things like static, echo, popping and out-of-sync speech where someone appears to be talking over someone else? We’ll explore the underlying technology involved and what drives providers’ choices. As I wrote in a recent blog post, Moore’s Law Vs. the Reality of Quality Conference Calls

The webinar will discuss:

  • Symptoms and underlying causes of poor audio quality
  • Impacts of a cost-based vs. quality-based approach
  • The role of Talker Selection Algorithm (TSA) plays

You’ll come away with a more informed understanding of the issues involved, how to recognize and choose the audio conference provider right for you.


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