Low Quality Audio and Web Conferencing Isn’t A Joke

There is hardly a person in the corporate/office world that hasn’t had Dilbert’s experience when on a Web or Video Conference call with a client – be it local or international. It’s funny in a comic strip, but your daily operations and the success of your company isn’t a laughing matter. Quality audio and web conferencing matters.

“I can’t hear you. There’s too much background noise and an echo on your end.”

Background noise that makes it difficult to hear the person you are talking with can be managed with Active Talk Indicator. It is a feature that indicates where the noise is coming from, thus allowing for the host to mute the source of the noise. Another way echo and noise quality issues can be eliminated is with TDM Bridges that create the space for clear, seamless conversations. Both features are part of Adigo’s conferencing solutions.

“I see a smudgy thing that might be your head, but I don’t know what you’re saying.”

It has somehow become an expected practice to endure low quality streaming, with all its fractured pixels and frozen images. Somewhere along the way the bar was set low and for the most part we have accepted it as the gold standard in video and web conferencing. Not only does this frustrate users on both ends, make collaborations nearly impossible, but it also diminishes your company’s corporate face with clients. These “smudgy thing’ experiences can be left to the comics by using IP Video connect, Tandberg and Polycom, and getting a thorough evaluation of your video or web system’s performance. 

There are far too many company’s that chuckle at Dilbert’s situation because they know it is true of their conferencing experience if not part of their own in-house system. It’s might feel like it is easier to laugh it off and be a part of the joke than to raise the bar and get the best services for each departments conferencing needs. On the contrary, finding the best and right solution is rather painless and simple when you choose the right provider. Don’t let poor collaborations be “better than anything done all week.” Check out Adigo’s services and leaving the comedy to the funny pages.


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