Hold a Productive Video Meeting with These 6 Tips

It’s no surprise that more and more people are relying on virtual meetings such as video conferences to connect these days. With our health on the line and our teams working remotely, video meetings are useful and convenient as they can be. The challenge is making it as productive as in-person meetings and keeping it lively enough for remote workers. You need to make sure that you’ll be holding a productive meeting each and every time. Here’s how you can achieve productivity in a video meeting:

Only invite the necessary people

For a video conference to be productive, you should invite only the necessary people to the meeting. If it’s a highly sensitive meeting for decision-making, then you should only invite managers and executives. If it’s a company-wide meeting for announcements, then it’s only right to invite more people to the meeting.

Select a productive time

Scheduling the meeting when the team is most productive is also a good habit you should practice. If they’re in the right mindset and are feeling creative, there will be more chances for you to achieve a lively and productive video conference. Ask your team what time of the day they are most productive. You can also ask when they feel more lethargic in the day, so you’ll be able to avoid scheduling your video conference at that time.

Choose the right video conferencing solution

With the right video conferencing solution, you’ll be able to have a more productive video meeting with your team. The best video conferencing service should give you a competitive edge and industry-leading software that will help you connect as a whole. Having the right solution will also be advantageous when it comes to video meetings with various clients and partners. In a nutshell, your conference service should have these kinds of features:

  • Multi-tool support
  • Custom greetings
  • Hands-free entry
  • Conference scheduling
  • On-demand customer support
  • Recording services
  • Meeting minutes services

Keep everyone on mute

Imagine a video meeting where you can hear every background noise, get mic feedback, and hear unnecessary chatter from other participants. A meeting like that will not be as productive as you’d like it to be. For this reason, you have to remind everyone to keep themselves muted. Only allow someone to unmute when it’s their time to speak up or they have something to say or a question to ask. Other conferencing services let you mute participants once they join the call as well.

Put people in charge

One person doesn’t have to be in charge of the entire video conference. Instead, you can assign multiple people to different parts of the meeting. This way, you can let people who are more familiar with the topic take charge and make the necessary actions for the issue at hand. This also keeps everyone’s attention as they won’t tire of listening to only one person throughout the whole meeting.

Practice the right video meeting etiquette

Video conferences also have their own etiquette and the more you practice these manners, the more your meetings can be smooth sailing. Familiarize yourself with these etiquettes and make sure to share these things with your team as well. Keeping in mind the right video etiquette will contribute not only to your meeting’s productivity but also to the ambiance and flow of the meeting. Some of the video conference etiquettes you should know are:

  • Be prompt and punctual
  • Dress appropriately
  • Be courteous to other speakers

There are more rules of thumb to follow in a video conference, and the more your team is familiar with these, the more you can achieve productivity.


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