Adigo’s Answer To The Most Common Web Conferencing Frustrations

There are many possible frustrations when dealing with web conferencing and working with providers. Here at Adigo we have tried to identify and address all of the possible frustrations and problems that may come up. In this article I want to talk about many such frustrations and how Adigo deals with them.

What are common frustrations with setting up an audio conferencing account?

Setting up audio conferencing accounts should be quite simple. You shouldn’t have to worry about too many details such as how many people you are going to have on a call or how many minutes the call may be. Simply tell your provider how many users you have and at Adigo. We recommend setting up a different account for each user so people don’t have to share or coordinate who might be using an account. You should easily be able to have up to 50 or more participants on any user’s account at any given time and there should be no limit to how many minutes you can have for the duration of a call.

The amount of time it takes to get started should be very quick. Generally, you should be able to set up new accounts right on the fly simply by calling a support personal. Here at Adigo, we don’t even have an auto attendant. Whenever you call into our business you get a live person right on the phone 24/7, and if you need a new account it will literally take seconds. We’re very responsive and we’ll have new accounts set up right on the fly. As an admin within your company you should also have access to a portal where you can create, change, and modify accounts right on the fly.

What are common frustrations with audio and video calls?

I would break those up into different types of calls. For smaller calls with only 3 to 5 people, you shouldn’t have to worry about cumbersome codes or setting up the call with different aspects. It should be a very quick and easy process. You should have your 800 number that never changes, and for regular routine calls consider getting a private 800 number so people don’t have to worry about entering in a cumbersome conference ID allowing them to join right away. For example, during a staff meeting call you want everyone to be able to speak immediately even if the manager is running late. You don’t want to waste everyone’s time.

For larger calls other issues might be more important to consider. For example, the ability to mute everybody on a call when you have 10 to 20 people is very valuable because you can eliminate background noise or someone who’s working from home with a dog in the background. We’ve all experienced that. When you’re having a call with a number of people it might make sense to utilize some of the keypad controls to mute people either individually or to control the announcements. When you have a large call it can often be quite bothersome to hear a beep or some other disruption every time someone joins the call or leaves before the call is actually ended.

What are the common frustrations for billing or pricing with audio conferencing solutions?

We hear about this a lot. People are very frustrated and can’t understand what their invoice means and what the different charges that they’re paying for. Oftentimes you’d be surprised about some of the hidden charges different providers sneak in to an invoice. Generally within the industry, there are two pricing models. One would be a subscription-based plan that offers unlimited usage but generally speaking, the most common pricing model is a metered permitted plan very similar to a traditional long-distance plan.

Most providers will invoice on a monthly cycle, so toward the beginning of each month you get a bill for the prior month’s usage. With unlimited plans you still want to be careful about a couple of things. These work well for firms and companies with only 5 to 10 users, beyond that it can often be more economical to go with a metered plan. Otherwise you could get stuck paying for people to have the ability to call but they may not be actually using that service very often. If you have questions about audio conferencing, or would like to set up a free trial to test our conferencing solution, visit our free trial page or call 888-55-ADIGO


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