5 Ninja Checklists for Conducting Better Meetings

Managing meetings is no easy task. You need to master the right skills, be courageous, be adaptable, and accomplish your goals. You need to be like a ninja, a quiet but powerful force for change.

To help you master the meeting arts and become one with your inner ninja, we’ve created these 5 Ninja Checklists for conducting better meetings.

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Brainstorming and Collaboration Meetings

Ninjas are quick to adapt to changing circumstances, just as you’ll need to be for brainstorming and collaboration meetings.  This Ninja Checklist will help you be flexible and adapt to and engage multiple personality types to get more ideas out in the open.

Client Update Meetings

Historically, ninjas were often hired to gather information.  OK, they didn’t use the most legal methods in order to collect their information, and we certainly don’t advocate sneaking into your stakeholders’ offices to get yours, but it is important to keep your clients in the know.  This Ninja Checklist will help you give your clients the information they need, hold proactive discussions, and plan the way ahead.

Executive Team Meetings

Despite popular belief, ninjas did not always work alone.  Imagine your own team of black-clad professionals working together to accomplish high-level goals – oh wait!  That describes your executive team perfectly!  Use this Ninja Checklist to keep the team focused.

Project Management Meetings

Ninja tactics are diverse.  One ninja would need to be a master of martial arts, scouting, survival, chemicals, disguise, acting, first aid, distraction, and concealment.  Likewise, project managers must understand every aspect of the influences on their projects, including financial reports, scheduling, risks, and resources.  This Ninja Checklist will help project managers run the meetings that keep these skills finely honed.

Staff Meetings

Ninjas required great stamina, as they often had to travel across rugged terrain for long distances or hide themselves for extended periods.  Stamina comes in handy for staff meetings, too, as they can sometimes feel like weekly or monthly endurance challenges.  But the skills you’ll learn in this Ninja Checklist will help you keep them meaningful and productive.

The “Six Hats” Approach to Executive Problem Solving

Ninjas are masters of disguise.  The ninja is rumored to prefer black, of course, but knows when it’s appropriate to put on a peasant hat or a samurai helmet.  Whatever kind of meeting you’re involved in, it’s important to know which hat you should don and which ones suit the other members of the team.  The Six Hats Ninja Checklist will help you define and explore the roles that make for the most productive meetings.

Ready to master meeting-Ninjutsu?  Download our 5 Ninja Checklists for Conducting Better Meetings from the SlideShare player above to begin your training.



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