3 Crucial Features for High Quality Audio Conferencing

Simplicity First

Here at Adigo, we focus on three primary things, the first being simplicity. It’s important to be able to start your call quickly, communicate the information to everyone joining. Joining a call should not be a difficult, cumbersome task, because that’s when people are likely to join late.

High Quality Audio

Our second focus is providing consistently high audio quality. People need to be able to hear each other. Even though that seems obvious, that’s often not the case with many providers.

Conversational Speech

Lastly, you want to make sure that you are able to have conversational speech. Many times today we hear people, but can’t have a true conversation like we’re used to in person. This is difficult on a conference call because people may be able to interrupt each other.

At Adigo, we address each of these things and provide a very simple approach to conference calls using either a private number or a simple four digit conference ID. We provide consistently high audio quality with our own propriety bridging equipment. We provide excellent audio quality so people can all hear each other well and have good conversational speech.


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