What equipment is needed for a good audio conferencing call

Three primary things are needed. One is, of course, you have a phone line but more important, especially if you utilize a conference room that might hold two to five people or even more, it’ll be important to have a dedicated speakerphone and we recommend Polycom speakerphones. Many people are familiar with them, they have that triangular spider shape. It’s an excellent phone and can accommodate large sized rooms with great audio quality.

Please do not use just a regular office phone, though, that has a speaker capability. The quality is very poor on many of those phones. For office workers participating from their desk or their own office, we would recommend a headset. You’d be surprised at the improvement in your audio quality you can get from a headset rather than just picking up a handset that we’re all used to. Primary reason is with a headset, the primary reason is that with a handset you’re actually moving it back and forth away from your mouth and that does affect quality whereas your headset is fixed.

Lastly, have two different types of phone systems available. Even if the second one is just simply your mobile phone. Oftentimes we hear with phone systems that many businesses are now using, they may go out of service intermittently. 


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