What are the common frustrations with billing or pricing with audio conferencing?

Brad from Adigo walks you through some of the more common billing and pricing frustrations that clients have faced.

What are the common frustrations for billing or pricing with audio conferencing solutions?

We hear this a lot. People are very frustrated and can’t understand what their invoice means and what the different charges that they’re paying for. Oftentimes, you’d be surprised about some hidden charges different providers literally sneak into an invoice.
Generally, within the industry, there are two pricing models. One would be a subscription-based plan that offers unlimited usage. But generally speaking, the most common pricing model is a metered per-minute plan, very similar to a traditional long-distance plan. Most providers on a monthly cycle so each month, towards the beginning of the month, you get a bill for the prior month’s usage.
With unlimited plans, you do want to be careful about a couple of things. These work well for firms and companies with only five to ten users. Beyond that, it can often be more economical to go with a metered plan, because otherwise, you could get stuck paying for people to have the ability to call, but they may not be actually using that service quite very often.

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