What are the challenges involved with setting up web conferencing?

Most tools today are fairly intuitive and should not require a lot of extensive training, but there are different tools out there and some are simply more easy to use than others. Depending on what types of calls are needed within your organization, there very well could be a certain tool that will work better for your users. Some providers lock you into only one tool. Here at Adigo, we offer seven different Web conferencing tools so we can really have a best fit not only for your needs today but as the needs within your organization change over time, you might find that some users migrate which tool that is best fit for their needs.

Training will be very helpful and you should be able to have online training available to you according to your schedule. Most Web tools also allow you to record not only the Web portion or the slides but just like we’re doing on this blog, you should be able to record both the audio and Web portion together in a single file. Generally, that’s called a WMV or movie file format.


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