What are some advantages to customizing audio conferencing solutions?

Brad from Adigo explains how powerful a custom audio conferencing solution can be.

Most companies have a wide variety of users within their company doing calls.

For example, you might have staff meeting calls that occur once a week. You might have sales meeting calls with clients all over the country. Executives will typically be having their own types of calls, that are very short and spontaneous types of calls. You may have product development calls involving partners or vendors throughout the world.

Each of these types of calls are actually quite different, and here at Adigo, we work with our customers to develop a solution that will make each of those types of calls more efficient.

For example, in an executive call, the primary need is to have it very simple and fast. As opposed to a product development call, where it’s going to be important to have all the different folks involved know who’s participating. So for example, it will be very important to have every participant hear each others’ names as they join, or the ability to have a roll call.

This kind of custom audio conferencing can help you go through different types of calls with ease.

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