Webinar: Feel-Good Results: How to Run a Meeting of Ease and Productivity

In the fast-paced world of business, running a meeting can feel like walking a tightrope – a constant negotiation between balance and gravity. On the one hand you want everyone to feel heard, and want to examine every idea, but on the other hand, you want to respect the clock, stick to the agenda and, most importantly, get things done. Join this free webinar where we’ll discuss a methodical approach to creating a thinking environment of ease and productivity, where everyone feels good about getting a lot done.

Date: Tuesday, February 10th

Time: 1:05PM-1:25PM, Eastern Time  (1:05 ET / 12:05 CT / 11:05 MT / 10:05 PT)

Agenda: Presentation (15 min), Q&A (5 min)


Join us live for a discussion where we’ll describe a methodical approach to leading productive meetings that generate high-quality, innovative thought. Key discussion points include:

  • The 10 components of a productive thinking environment
  • Effective agenda models
  • How to set meeting guidelines that enhance final outcomes

Who should attend: consultants, business development, department managers, executives, call hosts, call participants, IT Managers and Directors, Telecom Managers and Analysts, Administrative staff, Office Managers, Event Planners


There is no cost to attend this webinar.

Hope to see you on the webinar!




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