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Key Conferencing Features for Consulting & Law Firms PART 2

This week we will be finish our list of the top key conferencing features for consulting and law firms. Well let’s get right into it, number six!

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Webinar: 5 Tips to Keep Your Conference Calls and Webinars Highly Engaging

We work and live in an always-on, hyper-connected and super-busy world, where it’s said our attention span is about as long as a goldfish – 9.

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5 Fundamental Skills for Extremely Productive Meetings

Productive meetings require thoughtful planning and skilled execution in several key areas.  We’ve discussed several important techniques – like.

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Recorded Webinar: 3-Step Checklist for Project Management Meetings

Well-executed, project management meetings help ensure the project’s risks are known and addressed, schedule and costs are being controlled,.

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Recorded Webinar: Tips for Leading Effective Client Update Meetings

During client update meetings, agendas can quickly segue into impromptu brainstorming or problem-solving sessions. This should be avoided for two.

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