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Conferencing News

Adigo to Provide Free Audio Conferencing to Housing Company

Each year Adigo selects a charitable or philanthropic organization and grants them a full year of free audio conferencing services. This year, we.

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Last Chance to Win Free Conferencing for an Entire Year!

Are you a non-profit or philanthropic organization that could benefit from conferencing services but don’t have the funds? Well, you've come to.

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What equipment is needed for a good audio conferencing call?

Brad from Adigo outlines what equipment you will need to attain the best audio quality for your conference calls.

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What are the different rates to expect with audio conferencing?

In this one-on-one video president of Adigo Brad Volin explains what affects the rate when making an audio conferencing call, so you know what to.

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What are common frustrations with audio and video calls?

Brad from Adigo speaks to some of the more common problems when making a teleconferencing call.

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Adigo's Answer To The Most Common Web Conferencing Frustrations

There are many possible frustrations when dealing with web conferencing and working with providers. Here at Adigo we have tried to identify and.

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