Recorded Webinar: Increasing Your Influence at Work

“The key to successful leadership is influence, not authority.” –Kenneth H. Blanchard

The ability to influence is an essential but difficult skill to master within the workplace. As an influencer you must be able to change minds, shape opinions, and move others to act- all while being respected. Though this might seem like a daunting task, there are proven techniques and skills that can be used to increase your influence and strengthen your leadership within the workplace, regardless of your industry or position.

We discussed all of this in my webinar, Increasing Your Influence at Work.


Download a copy of the slides.

We had a live discussion where we discussed key strategies to increase your influence at work.  Key discussion points included:

  • Influencer styles.  Do you assert, convince, negotiate, bridge, or inspire?
  • The marriage between influence and trust
  • The importance of relationship building
  • The power of being present
  • Building on your personal strengths

Who should attend: consultants, business development, department managers, executives, call hosts, call participants, IT Managers and Directors, Telecom Managers and Analysts, Administrative staff, Office Managers, Event Planners.

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