Recorded Webinar: Change Management: Strategies, Specifics, and Successes

Change can be a scary thing.  It can be uncomfortable, complex, even painful. But the truth is, for most organizations, change is not an option. It’s a necessity. In order to stay nimble and dynamic, companies must not only welcome change; they must also enact it. This means getting the entire team on board, defining an action plan, executing that plan, and then making the change stick.  In this free webinar we discussed key strategies for assessing current conditions, identifying necessary changes, and then executing a successful change management plan – all with the least amount of brain damage possible.

We recently discussed all of this in my webinar, Change Management: Strategies, Specifics, and Successes.

Download a copy of the slides.

We had a live discussion where we explored key change management strategies. Key discussion points included

  • Basic introduction to change management characters:  allies, adversaries, rivals and supporters.
  • Tips for getting buy-in from the team – and keeping all members focused.
  • Suggestions for how to push change through – and then keep it in place.

Who should attend: consultants, business development, department managers, executives, call hosts, call participants, IT Managers and Directors, Telecom Managers and Analysts, Administrative staff, Office Managers, Event Planners.

If you have a question or would like to lend your expertise about this topic, please leave us a comment below or contact Brad Volin via email: bvolin(@)adigo(dot)com.


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