Making the Most Out of Your Conference Call

Conference calls, no matter how convenient they are, can also be a burden. Just like regular in-person meetings, they can take up too much time and effort when done frequently but not efficiently. As a result, these remote meetings are more likely to be empty rather than purposeful. This is what you should try to avoid. You need to make sure that with every conference call you host with your chosen conference call service, you and your team can accomplish a lot.

Here are ways to make the most out of your conference calls:

Create an agenda and stick to it

Agendas, despite being neglected by most, can help make your conference meeting be organized and meaningful. Without an agenda, you may not achieve anything significant in your conference call at all. What you need to do is to create an effective conference call agenda and stick to it. Let it guide your call from start to finish, and see better results at the end of the session.

Send documents in advance

Don’t wait until the very conference call to send the documents and other necessary materials. Send them at least a day in advance. If you have any slide presentations, Word documents, videos, or photos, share it with your team beforehand. This can help them prepare and gather their thoughts for the meeting. This can also help you save time, allowing you to focus on the discussion and decision-making in the meeting.

Always be punctual

It’s important that you come on time for the meeting, especially if you’re the host, the CEO, or the assigned presenter for that meeting. You need to be an example for all. If everyone’s on time, then you can jump right into the meeting without waiting or getting into awkward silences. Most of all, being punctual is an ultimate sign of respect. It means you appreciate other people’s time and you wouldn’t want to waste it.

Take advantage of the conference call service features

Your conference call provider should have robust features that can help you better facilitate your calls. Learn to maximize these conference call features to make the most out of your conference calls and get your participants to be more engaged and active. Ideal conference call features include branded greetings, pre or post sub-conferences, call registrations and more.

Take meeting minutes

Taking notes for the meeting minutes will allow you to record official decisions, next steps, opinions and suggestions, and other key facts that happened on the call. With meeting minutes, you have a recap of the previous conference call and a guide or an idea on how to approach the next one.

Encourage participation

Get everyone to contribute; assign presenters, ask for feedback, address each and everyone on the call. The more people participate, the more you can gather diverse thoughts and opinions, and help you make a decision as a team.

Record the conference call

Recording the conference call is an advantage you shouldn’t waste. Recording means you have another form of official documentation of your meeting other than your meeting minutes. Suggestions, concerns, and final decisions can be reviewed for a more accurate reference or guide. Alternatively, recording the conference call can also help the meeting minutes taker in creating accurate meeting minutes.

Well hosted conference calls can offer a lot of benefits for your organization so don’t let them go to waste. Start practicing these tips and you’re on your way to making the most out of every conference call.


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