How can I fix problems with international conference calls?

Brad from Adigo helps guide you through the troubleshooting process for international calls.

Many people have horror stories about a conference call going awry. And that may only be with domestic participants. Imagine the complications when you have international people as well. These people start with a disadvantage, perhaps, because of cultural differences, timezone differences, you may be asking people to participate at their night time. Or accents being difficult to understand unless the audio quality is exceptionally clear.

Here in Adigo, we now utilize 20 different carriers on an international basis. The reason for that is typically each carrier will have superior quality and connectivity in a certain geographic region. Another aspect that can improve international call quality is providing redundant numbers within each carrier. You might find that a participant based in the UK but travelling in Germany can’t access one of your numbers, whereas everybody else in Germany accesses it just fine. That’s why it’s important to have different numbers for every country and make sure that the different numbers are served by different underline carriers. Here in Adigo, we take care of all of that for you.

Another aspect that can improve international call quality, will be that the ability to call out to your participants in an international country. This can facilitate their entry into the call, and not force them to go through cumbersome prompts that they may or may not understand or have to enter in lots of different digits. Dialling out directly as the host to any country in the world can provide a true red carpet experience for your users.

Let Adigo help you fix problems with international conference calls today!

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