Five Things You Should Stop Doing in Your Video Meetings

Have you ever had a video meeting where there is a distraction every once in a while? Or a meeting where tech checks and technical problems take up more time? These meeting mishaps can be avoided. You just need to keep things in order and avoid doing things that will delay your discussion. Whether you’re the one conducting the meeting, or simply attending, you need to be on point. Here are five things you shouldn’t do in your next video meeting:

Don’t ignore your background

Your background, though it seems insignificant at first, plays an important role in your video meeting. It is one of the first things the participants will see when you join a video conference. It can either be very distracting or contribute to your presence, so don’t disregard it. If you think your current background is distracting or unprofessional, move someplace else. 


Some platforms also let you change your background from the computer itself, much like a green screen. You can use this to your advantage. You can customize your background and keep it professional, maybe use a solid colored background or something that shows the logo of your company or your department. You can also choose another background to make a statement, maybe something with a quote or something else, but remember – keep it appropriate to the occasion.

Don’t be all about business

You might be meeting to talk about business proceedings, but that doesn’t mean you have to be all about business. Don’t be afraid to talk about something else. Talk about how your days went, ask your colleagues about anything interesting that happened to them.


This may seem unproductive to some, but small talk or check-ins can contribute to the energy of your team. Not only are you forming a bond with your team or your employees, you’ll also be reinforcing normal conversations, just like you would when you’re in a physical office. This kind of normalcy will go a long way and will be very much appreciated by the people in your team. 

Don’t waste time

This is perhaps the most expected in video calls. Wasting time in a video meeting shouldn’t even be an option at all. You want to be productive and efficient when going through your meetings and wrapping things up. Here are a couple of ways you can save time in your meetings:

  • Make sure your internet connection is secure. 
  • Prepare the materials or presentations necessary for the agenda.
  • Set up your presentation if there’s any before the meeting even starts or before participants join.
  • Work in a distraction-free zone.
  • Have an agenda and be sure to follow it.

Don’t move around

When it comes to a video meeting, it’s best to try and stay in place during the duration of it. Whether you’re joining by mobile phone or laptop, try not to stand up, walk around, and take your device with you. If you do this a lot, chances are participants will find you distracting or even disrespectful. You will also most likely disrupt the flow of the meeting, which will result in valuable time being wasted.

Don’t focus on anything else but the camera and the meeting.

And of course, your focus and attention is the most important thing in meetings, even more so now that it’s virtual. Focus on your video meeting, turn on your camera, and remember to look at it when speaking. When you focus, you show respect and cooperation, and the more chances that your meeting will be a success.


Video meetings and conferences do not have to be complicated. You just need the right mindset and know the effective tips (like these five things we listed) to help you conduct or attend a flawless meeting.


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