Do I need a special number for international calls?

Brad from Adigo talks about how international calls are made using the teleconferencing service.

The “800” number you have will only work in North America, so callers from the US or Canada can participate. However, if someone’s calling even from Mexico, or any other country, the “800” number will not work.

Now, most providers will also give you a toll number. However, be aware that this will likely incur very expensive international long distance charges for your participants. Here in Adigo, we have a large global network and a footprint encompassing approximately a hundred carriers so we can provide different types of numbers for all your participants.

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Benefits of Toll-free and International Calls

Being able to provide toll-free numbers to international participants and conducting international calls without hassle can go a long way for you and your company or organization. Here are some benefits you can reap from toll-free and international calls:

  • You can establish authority for your business
  • You can widen your reach
  • You have the chance to build and target a new set of audience
  • You can improve productivity among remote employees
  • You can connect to other industry professionals from around the world
  • You can save time and money you would have spent from travelling
  • You can stay safe within your office spaces or respective homes
  • You will be able to record sessions and meetings for documentation

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