Collaborating Internationally: What Businesses Need to Know About Going Global

Globalization is all the rage. Recently, I had a fascinating discussion with Becky DeStigter on the topic of what do business professionals need to know about doing business internationally.

Becky is known as The International Entrepreneur. As such, she is an international business consultant who specializes in helping technology and professional services companies be more globally competitive and realize much of their overseas potential.

According to her website, “Companies hire her to align international business strategy with company goals, learn how to work better with other cultures, expand the company internationally and troubleshoot existing international operations and partnerships.”

I was delighted to speak with Becky on a wide range of questions and topics about what going global is all about, and how to get started. Listen below to our conversation, check out the transcript and let me know what you think – is collaborating internationally and going global something you are considering for your business?

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Questions and Topics Discussed

1. What does globalization mean to you, how do you define it?

2. Globalization is such a vast topic with different regions, reasons and functional areas being involved. What are some examples from some of these areas?

3. What’s the first step to going global?

4. The different phases companies will go through when approaching sales opportunities.

5. IT is always touched regardless of the functional group involved.  How are communications specifically impacted?  For example, what role would conference calls have?

6. What types of conference call etiquette should be followed when there are different cultures and nationalities involved?

7. Let’s talk about how things have changed.  Because I think many people in the last decade have heard about going to China, for example, or for manufacturing of course, or outsourcing call centers.  But what’s happening now?  What trends are you seeing currently?

8. Tell us about some of the missteps you have seen?  Is there anything consistent or traps that you often see companies fall into when they’re first approaching a globalization effort?

9. Let’s maybe on the flip side talk about some of the opportunities or low hanging fruit that you see.  Tell us where companies should be targeting currently.

10. What advice or tips would you give a company considering going global for the first time?

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