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3 Ways The Adigo Platform Advances Video Conferencing Technology

There are many common challenges with video conferencing

Really, having a conference call via video should be no different than an audio conference call that you do day in and day out. What are some of the common challenges in putting together a video conference call? Video conferencing can be more problematic for some people because there are different equipment platforms; Tandberg, Polycom, amongst others. This really should not be confusing or of particular consideration for you as the host. Let your provider take care of those issues on the back end.

1. Adigo streamlines the process by saving previous call data

Here at Adigo we register every end point prior to a video call. That validates the connection and platform into our database system, which is then permanently stored. On the fly, at any point in the future, you can have a video conference with that location, and it should be immediate and happen very seamlessly and easily for you.

2. Recording your conference call is easy

Recording a conference call should be a simple matter and does not necessarily involve any preliminary setup or scheduling with your provider. You don't need to have an operator involved and normally you can record a call yourself with a keypad or touchtone command. Here in Adigo, we even allow users to have variable recording and it's often very effective just to record, for example, the last 10 minutes of a call where you want to get a record of the action items.

3. Two click downloads

Downloading that recording after the fact should also be very simple and simply involve one or two clicks after logging in to your user portal. You should be able to download an MP3 file literally within an hour after completing a call. If you have questions about audio conferencing, or would like to set up a free trial to test our conferencing solution, visit our free trial page or call 888-55-ADIGO.

Quality Audio with Adigo

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