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14 Reasons Law Firms Choose Adigo Conferencing

Law firms are good places to search if you want to find smart, dedicated, and highly productive people.  That’s because these qualities are required just to get through law school, much less to create a successful practice. 

So what are some of the things smart, dedicated, and highly productive people care about when it comes to choosing a conference call provider?  As you’ll see in our new ebook, 14 Reasons Law Firms Choose Adigo Conferencing, they look for features that exhibit premier levels of professionalism and that save them time and money.

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Professionalism is the most important quality for lawyers to convey.  People need to know they can put their trust into this particular firm or partner, and the fastest way to lose that trust is to convey an unprofessional image.

Here are some ideas Adigo has made a reality to help legal firms convey a highly professional image on conference calls:

  • Brand a toll-free number with a specific partner’s name – VIP accounts let you personalize the client’s experience.
  • Brand a toll-free number with the firm’s name – this prevents confusion for your clients that using a third-party’s name (e.g., the conference provider’s name) could cause, plus helps emphasize the firm’s branding.
  • Dial out directly to participants – clients expect professional firms to be able to make a simple phone call when the need arises instead of having to schedule outbound calls in advance.
  • Customize announcements and prompts for your specific needs – every firm has different needs for their conference call, so why jump through unnecessary hoops?
  • Make international calls sound just as good as domestic ones – legal firms often need to interact with international participants, but doing so can be fraught with unexpected challenges.  Adigo has put the technologies in place to make international calls just as good as domestic ones.
  • Optimize video conferences – the importance of body language and facial expression cannot be overstated, so many firms prefer video conferencing.  However, not every call provider has the technology in place to make it run smoothly.
  • Streamline web conferencing and document sharing – web conferencing is another popular option for legal firms, especially when dealing with far-flung participants.  Adigo has streamlined the process and made it easy to share documents right in the interface.

It’s important for law firms to be able to save time, so we streamlined several options to help:

  • Quickly drop into conferences just by dialing the 800 number – all you need is the number.
  • Use 4-digit conference IDs instead of 10-digit IDs – there’s no need to use your conference calls as a test of dialing dexterity.
  • Use just one code – the number of entries frequently required to get into a conference call is excessive.  Instead of a conference ID and PIN, we allow you to use just the one code to enter.
  • Export call information directly into legal billing software – instead of manually entering complex information, just export and import the .csv.
  • Automatically record calls – press *2 and voila -- you’re recording!

We also understand that legal firms have to save money by watching the bottom line closely.  These features should help:

  • Required entry of Client Matter Number (CMN) – don’t let callers skip over this important step that assigns the call to a certain client.
  • Lower internal call costs – why pay the same for internal calls as you do for external ones when they’re going to be more frequent and usually be of shorter duration? (Some restrictions apply.)

The smart, productive people you find in legal firms know that conveying an unfailingly professional image is non-negotiable, and they’re always looking for ways to trim time and money expenditures.  Adigo has worked closely with legal firms to ensure our services and technologies meet these needs.

And while these 14 reasons speak directly to those in the legal profession, they apply equally to all those in consulting, professional services, marketing or any industry where a high degree of professionalism, efficiency and cost savings are of business value.

We’ve put together a free ebook law firms and consulting companies can use internally to review each of these benefits. Get your copy by clicking here, or the “Get It Now” button below.

In addition, plan to attend our May 13th webinar: 14 Powerful Features Law Firms and Consulting Companies Need in their Conferencing Service. I will walk you through each of these features to help give a better understanding of their use and value to your business.

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Brad VolinBrad Volin heads up the Sales and Marketing department, and is excited about expanding the company Internet presence, especially into social media. Brad has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from  M.I.T. and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Brad has been in the conferencing industry for more than 10 years.


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