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5 Easy Ways Non U.S. Participants Can Join Your International Calls

Conference calls involving international participants have historically been difficult to manage for both the client and the provider.  Technology issues, differences in phone services, and additional fees have been the primary barriers, resulting in failures to connect, additional hassles, and even lost business revenue.

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As globalization in business expands, the need for simple, reliable ways to connect increases.  We understand this.  That’s why Adigo’s customer accounts are already set up to easily allow people from anywhere in the world to participate.  Here are just a few of the improvements we thought were needed for international calls:

  • More international coverage Adigo has inbound coverage from approximately 100 international countries. We also make it easier to find the numbers by providing a customized web page specific to your company.
  • More mobility: If there is coverage in a country, typically it’s only one number, which might not work for mobile phones and roaming.  Adigo typically has 3 or more per country, all on different carriers.
  • More reliability:International callers frequently cannot connect reliably or get disconnected randomly. Adigo has built-in technological redundancies to ensure no connections are missed.
  • Better audio quality: International callers often sound far away or have an echo.  Adigo’s international calls sound local.
  • Easier IDs:  Long access IDs are frequently required.  Adigo uses just 4 digits.

We also thought you might need more options for getting the participants connected.That’s why we offer 5 easy ways for international participants to join your calls:

  1. We set up toll-free numbers for those specific countries from which you have people joining.  This will be free and convenient for participants.
  2. Participants can dial the US toll number listed on your account details.  The toll number works from any country.
  3. The call host can dial international participants directly using the *1 command.  Start with "011" and then the country code.  That’s red-carpet service for the participant and simpler for the host!
  4. Have an operator dial out to them for you.  This can be arranged in advance or during the live call for last-minute needs.
  5. Participants can have the system dial out to them at a convenient number.  Each account includes a personalized web form to make this as easy as possible.  This prevents multiple attempts to reach the participant if they were not immediately available and allows them to be in any location convenient for them.

Which one of these options should you use?  Contact an Adigo specialist at 888-552-3446 to help determine the best method for your situation.

Today, the world is as close as next door.  Your international calls should sound, feel, and look just as close, without compromising ease and security.  Adigo's quality international conference call service is designed to help bring your world closer than ever before.

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adigo free webinarTo see it in action and for more info, watch a recorded 20 minute webinar on international calls. Also, be sure to register for our LIVE and FREE monthly webinar series: Conferencing Tips Lunch & Learn.

Meet the author...

Brad VolinPeggy Snook is a contributor to our media publications at Adigo.  Peggy’s background in Quality Assurance gives her a strong attention to detail, along with insight and patience which helps her to create informational newsletters and blogs.  She has volunteered many hours and makes every effort to see the bigger picture of things as well as keep an open mind.  Peggy is well-rounded and versatile and is a great asset to the Adigo team!


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