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Today's Best Web Conferencing – Unlimited & Value-Based

B2B Web Conferencing

No longer a novelty, web conferencing has established itself as a cost-effective, user-friendly channel of corporate communication and business intelligence.  Despite its exceptional real-time capabilities, numerous firms have yet to develop best-practice conferencing.  

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Proactive Conferencing Development

Global enterprise increasingly relies on long-distance collaboration across vast distances, using geographically-dispersed work-teams; updated web conferencing processes improve workflow efficiency while reducing business-related travel expenses.  Desktop and mobile data collaboration/web conferencing solutions are becoming indispensable for enterprise; their use is increasingly pervasive on corporate computers, tablets, smartphones, and appliances.  Proactive adaptations of conferencing for business purposes reflect the impact of mobility, social media, and video on enterprise.

Selecting a Web Conferencing Provider 

As your firm's need to offer best-practice conferencing grows, selecting an appropriate provider assumes greater importance.  Mobility, social media, and video represent the major trends emerging within the conferencing environment. Since their larger-scale introduction, web conferencing now encompasses social and collaborative workspaces.

As such, enterprise applications and processes assume a new range of end-to-end meeting and project-management solutions, featuring presence and multi-modal capabilities.  These conditions reflect an emerging emphasis on enhanced user-experience, and are reshaping the purposes of enterprise conferencing.  In response to the growth and evolution of personal conferencing, vendors are supplying data-collaboration and videoconferencing capabilities; subscription services offer enhanced mobile conferencing.

Many current conferencing services offer proprietary products that may address customers' conferencing needs but in a somewhat limited, proprietary way.  These can be expensive and less agile in comparison to boutique, value-driven providers. Often unduly complicated to use, they deter conferencing’s major advantage: the convenience of real-time consulting with colleagues situated anywhere in the world.

Much of the difficulty lies in the proprietary solutions these firms offer conferencing clientele. Proprietary solutions are less likely to be updated to reflect technological developments, and risk obsolescence in a tech-environment characterized by rapid product evolution.  Proprietary solutions also tend to be 'one-of-a-kind' in nature, with fewer options for product-adaptation, and a significantly lower possibility of acquiring conferencing services explicitly tailored to your precise enterprise requirements.

Pursuing a Value-Based, Customer-Centric Solution

Understanding the difficulties inherent in these conditions, Adigo, for example, partners its solutions with industry-standard tools from IBM, Microsoft, WebEx and Visimeet. Using industry standard tools reduces the risk of technology obsolescence, and increases both the stability and utility afforded to end users. Moreover, offering multiple solutions enables a better fit across a wider range of customer specific needs.

This approach allows us to offer users optimized configurations, combined with non-automated, personalized service.  Regardless of the web conference solution you receive from Adigo, these features are always standard:

  • Application-sharing
  • Q&A
  • Large capacities
  • Host control transfer
  • Webcam video
  • Polling

The resulting improved productivity and explicit customization on the audio generates today's best web conferencing.

User demand for web conferencing is growing at a strong pace, and will soon be mainstream.  To access best-practice unlimited web conferencing, further investigate our multiple web conferencing solutions.

And, at only $10.00/month per user for unlimited usage, Adigo offers a good quality and cost effective everyday solution. Qualifying large accounts can enjoy web conferencing bundled with other services at no additional charge, generating even greater savings. Learn how to best meet the collaboration needs of your team without being locked into a fixed-cost subscription with a value-based, unlimited usage, best-fit web conferencing solution.

Meet the author...

Tonya Smith Tonya Smith runs our Client Enhancement Program, which seeks to optimize our tools for each and every customer and end user. Many of our customers have been with us so long, they are not always aware of recent enhancements. Tonya loves to help people save time and improve their work day. She knows all the web products very well, and is keen on being able to detail the differences.


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