5 Killer Resources to Inspire Greater Productivity

When you’re working on a project or just trying to get everyday things done, do you often wish you had more time? What would it mean to your work and life to steadily increase your productivity skills?

Working with greater purpose and productivity doesn’t happen over night. It takes time to build the kind of habits that can give you the kind of outcomes you most desire, and that will help you sleep better at night, too!

Here are some killer resources (in no particular order) that just might help inspire and equip you to build stronger productivity habits:

1) Time Management Ninja

TMN is very popular productivity blog by Craig Jarrow with over 44,000 readers. It seeks to help individuals and companies reclaim their time, become better organized, and win the battle against all other things evil.

time management ninja

Posts that may inspire you:

2) Productivityist

Mike Vardy publishes several articles weekly on his site and a bi-weekly newsletter around the topics of personal productivity, time and task management, technology, and workflow. He also co-hosts the Mike on Mics podcast with Michael Schechter, a weekly show on these same topics.


Posts that may inspire you:

 3) Beyond the To Do List (Podcast)

BTTDL is a top-ranked podcast listed in the iTunes Business, Management and Marketing category. It is hosted by Erik J Fisher who talks with real people who practically implement productivity strategies in their professional and personal lives. Consider subscribing in iTunes or access his weekly show via the Podcasts App for iOS devices. (Note: you can also listen or sample the shows listed, by following the links below, right on the Beyond the To Do List website.)

beyond the to do list in itunes

Shows that may inspire you:

 4) Lifehack (Productivity)

Lifehack is a productivity and lifestyle blog that aims to make people’s lives as friction-free as possible. It publishes resources, tips and tricks that helps readers get everyday things done more efficiently and effectively. And hey, who doesn’t want that?! Note too, you can get Lifehack’s latest tips on Facebook and Twitter, too.


Posts that may inspire you:

 5) Pick The Brain

This site mashes topics in productivity, motivation, self-education, psychology and philosphy. If you appreciate a broad approach that welcomes any information that people can use to live more prosperous and satisfying lives, this could be the resource for you! Image shown is of their Productivity page.

pick the brain

Posts that may inspire you:

I hope you agree that’s a great list of productivity resources to get started with. What other killer resources for inspiring greater productivity would you add?


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