3 Things to Look For in an Audio Conferencing Trial

1. How fast can the call happen?

When you do your audio trial, regardless of who your prospective provider is, be sure to evaluate these three different criteria. One will be the speed to which a call can happen. Is it cumbersome having to input ten different digits, or is it very simple and fast process?

2. What is the audio quality like?

The second would be: what is the audio quality like? Make sure you have a call involving at least fifteen to twenty people, even if that’s not the norm. Often it is the larger calls that are more challenging for a provider, and that’s when you’ll see differences in audio quality. If you’re going to have international participants make sure you have live people from several different countries calling in during your trial. Again, this will help you validate the audio quality that you’ll actually experience after going live.

3. Does the solution meet my specific needs?

The third is: does the conferencing solution meet my specific needs? The best way to test this is to ask your provider to try the different types of calls that you make, whether their informational (one way to a large audience), conversational (typical conference call) or even international. Actually replicating the types of calls you make on a regular basis will be a great indicator on the experience you’ll have with your conferencing provider in the future.


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