24 Ways to Improve Your Customer Service

Good customer service is what sets companies apart. Great customer service is what keeps the customer coming back. In the ever-changing digital marketplace it is more important than ever for companies to evolve and keep up with their customers wants and needs. Below is a quick list of tips you can use to begin improving your customer service.

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  1.       Ask customers, employees, and partners: “how can we do better”?
  2.       Ask daily or weekly: “What’s one thing we should start doing?” “What’s one thing we should stop doing?”
  3.       Be able to deliver a 2-minute demo of the key differentiators and benefits of your product.
  4.       Come up with a list of the top 10 “cringe items” to fix.
  5.       Commit random acts of kindness and deliver “Customer Wow “
  6.       Create a weekly or monthly report with positive and negative customer comments.
  7.       Define customer segments and decide whether they deserve extra attention – then make that part of your service process.
  8.       Define simple goals that everyone can measure and do to improve service, even if it’s outside of their job description. For example: “answer 5 customer emails/day”
  9.       Define what it means to “love the product.” How does your service tangibly change a customer’s life and what problems does it solve?
  10.   Use your own product every day.
  11.   Follow up after an issue has been resolved and let the customer know you haven’t forgotten them.
  12.   Have lots of ways to be contacted (whichever way the customer prefers) and funnel all of those inbound contacts into one place.
  13.   Identify cases that drive new knowledge content, revision in existing knowledge content, or removal of knowledge content.
  14.   Maintain relationships with top customers and talk to them on a schedule.
  15.   Make sure that one person owns the customer’s case throughout the lifetime of that case.
  16.   Offer to provide additional assistance – either through email or a call back.
  17.   Reduce the number of clicks it takes to do something important in your app or webpage.
  18.   Respond as fast as you can, and if you don’t know the answer, say so. If you can’t solve the problem and will let the customer know when it’s going to be solved, do so. And if it’s unlikely that you’ll ever solve the problem, say so.
  19.   Say “Thank you” in your response.
  20.   Send physical thank you notes to your customers.
  21.   Share some interesting content with customers every day.
  22.   Spend more time being passionate about the causes and things you love.
  23.   Try whatever you’re doing from the customer’s point of view; then observe the customer doing it.
  24.   When you find a new rule that helps the customer, write it down and share it.

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